est. 2006
Handcrafted virtual log homes and cabins.
Our primary goal is to reproduce the authentic look and feel of log homes & cabins for use in the metaverse at a reasonable cost to our clients.
As the owner of Yukon Log Homes, I am committed to making your log home purchase and setup a truly pleasant experience.
Whether your log cabin will cling to a snowy ski slope or nestle in the woods, we just may have what you are looking for at Yukon Log Homes.
Be surrounded by the look of pine and the natural beauty of wood textures.
We incorporate both real prim logs and log textures into our homes with aesthetically pleasing details.  Soaring cathedral ceilings, walls of glass, intricately carved wooden doors, sprawling decks and many other features.
We work to create a quality product, so you can “log-in” to enjoy and relax in the beauty & warmth of your Yukon Log Home.
For the Second Life grid, you can purchase our homes from the SL Marketplace here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/5354?id=5354
Every year we have people contact us about buying our homes to use in real-life.  Please note that these are virtual log homes and cabins, and although we too would like to live in one of our cabins, they aren’t “real”.

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